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Strawberry Kisses – Part 2 of 2 (End)

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A Time Traveller's Tales

“Coming! Give me a few minutes!” A female voice called out.

It didn’t sound like the ahjumma. The voice sounded too young for a middle-aged woman. Sooyeon wondered who it could be.

A moment later, a young girl emerged from the back, dressed in a yellow short sleeve tee with a white apron. Her hair was tucked under a snapback and there was a hint of chocolate on the side of her lips.

“Hello!” The young girl wiped her hands on a wet towel as she stood behind the ice cream display. She looked up and their eyes met.

“Hey, it’s you. Welcome back!” the girl greeted brightly.

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Author: kimtaeeun

A really clumsy girl who has a mommy named Erika Kim or aka Girls' Generation Kim Taeyeon and me? Ofcourse has a great body like Kwon Yuri *in obesity version* A half insane girl who was born in 1995 B) Wanna know about me more than this? Feel free to ask on my twitter @taeyeonsscom @Armey_sila or facebook

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